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Revolutionizing XY Digital Finishing

"Welcome to Remarkable Precision with the Flexa Miura XY Cutter"

Elevate your productivity to unprecedented levels with the Flexa Miura XY Cutter. Engineered for precision, speed, and versatility, the Miura XY transforms your production process, delivering outstanding results across a wide range of materials. This innovative cutter is not just a machine, it's a game-changer, providing seamless operation and exceptional accuracy. Dive into the future of cutting technology with the Flexa Miura XY Cutter - your ultimate solution for high-efficiency and unparalleled precision.

Discover The Game-Changing Benefits

  • Efficencey - XY cutter automates the trimming process, significantly reducing manual labor and increasing productivity.

  • Precision - High speed cutting precision ensures professional-quality cuts and less waste from errors.

  • Versatility - Can handle a wide range of materials, including paper, vinyl, laminates, and more.

  • Ease of Use - Intuitive easy to use touch screen interface reduced the learning curve and errors.

  • Speed - Designed and built for high speed production to increase efficiency and volume of output.

  • Continuous Feed: - Integrated pneumatic counter balanced buffering system for continuous feed of media into the cutter

  • Durability - Built to ensuring it can withstand long-term, high-volume operations.

  • Cost Savings - By automating the cutting process, reducing waste, and speeding up production to save you money and time.

  • Support  CUTWORX USA is commitment to providing top-tier customer support to maximize your machine's capabilities.

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Experience Cutting and Finishing Like Never Before

  • High performace: Combined horizontal and vertical cutting for the fastest finish for your printed and unprinted rolls

  • Accurate cutting: Trimmed images perfectly square every tim and zero mistakes thanks to the reading accuracy of the sensor of 0.05 mm.  

  • Easy to operate:  Intuitive touch screen control panel for maximum versatility.

  • Three operating modes:
    1. crop mark (useful to trim multiple printing sizes from the same roll)
    2. automatic
    3. manual

  • Rotary crush cutters: The lengthwise rotary crush cutters are safe for the operator, last for 100's of thousands of cuts with low costs of maintenance. No need of special cleaning after cutting adhesive media as they create a β€œdry,” non-sticky edge  

  • Smart remote Service: Miura can be connected to the internet network for remote assistance, for fast and efficient diagnostics


  • Wallpaper

  • Paper - Also laminated or encapsulated

  • Vinyl & self adhesive vinyl

  • Backlit & frontlit display

  • PVC banner (up to 900 gr/m2 - 27 oz./ya2)

  • Magnetic rubber

  • Polycarbonate (film)

  • Canvas & polyester (with liner)

Expertly Designed

  • Easy to use touch screen control panel

  • Advanced cutting mark reader for perfect cuts

  • Optical sensor for vertical alignment

  • MUTING function avoids possible misreading of hidden marks

  • Fine positioning of the cutting blades

  • Rotary crush cutter are safe for the operator and last for 100's of thousands of cuts

  • Pressure adjustment according to the types of material

  • Front rewinding system

  • Integrated pneumatic counter balanced buffering system for continuous feed of media into the cutter

  • Steel magnet output plates for easier the output of the finish cut sheets

  • Ready to use, no need of air compressor

Cross cut mark reader

fine positioning of blade

Automatic vertical alignment control

Easy to use contorl panel

Frequently Asked Questions

What materials can the Miura XY Cutter cut?

The Miura XY Cutter is versatile and can cut a wide range of materials, including vinyl, paper, laminates, and more.

How precise is the Flexa Miura XY Cutter?

The Miura XY Cutter is designed for precision cutting, offering accuracy within a fraction of a millimeter for superior quality finishes.

How fast can the Flexa Miura XY Cutter operate?

The speed of the  Miura XY Cutter can vary depending on the material and complexity of the cut, but it is designed to offer a high-speed cutting solution while maintaining precision.

How easy is the Flexa Miura XY Cutter to use?

The Miura XY Cutter is designed with user-friendliness in mind, featuring an intuitive control panel and software interface for easy operation.

What is the maintenance requirement for the Flexa Miura XY Cutter?

Regular maintenance involves cleaning and making sure the cutter is dust-free. Detailed maintenance instructions will be provided in the user manual.

Safety Tips

  • Proper Training: Ensure all operators are properly trained to use the Miura Buffer cutter.

  • Safety Covers: Ensure the safety covers over the cutting parts are closed.

  • Avoid Loose Clothing: Do not wear loose clothing or jewelry that could get caught in the machine.

  • Check Machine Before Use: Inspect the machine for any visible damage or loose parts before starting.

  • Keep Work Area Clean: Keep the area around the machine clean and free of clutter to prevent accidents.

  • Routine Maintenance: Regularly maintain and service the machine to ensure it stays in good working order.

  • Turn Off When Not in Use: Always turn off the Miura when not in use to avoid accidents or unnecessary wear and tear.

Trusted by the Industry


β€œUsing the Miura cutter has been a game changer for us.  It is has significantly enhanced the efficiency and quality of my finishing work."


β€œThe cutter has increased my ability to accurately cut and sheet the rolls of HTV that I sell.  Well worth the investment!"


β€œWe have the Miura wallpaper model and it cuts the perfect jointsszie which are crucial for a seamless and professional finishing."

Miura Buffer Series

Working width: 1650 mm (65 in.) 

Maximum cutting thickness: 1.2 mm (0,04 in.) 

Working width: 2150 mm (84 in)

Maximum cutting thickness: 1.2 mm (0,04 in.) 

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