Apex Pro Digital Flatbed Cutter

Award Winning Apex Pro Series of Digital Flatbed Cutters is designed for a variety of processing and finishing production needs for visionary PSP, packaging, sign & graphics, POP/POS display and textile market professionals. Increase your productivity and profitability by having a multi-function digital cutting solution in-house.

Discover The Game-Changing Benefits

  • Multiple Table Size Solutions to match application

  • Dual interchangeable cutting head positions available for many tool combinations

  • Tool Head Modules controlled independently

  • Optical Auto Tool height calibration

  • German engineered 450w router

  • Various material unwinding devices

  • Variable Vacuum Zone table controlled by the interface to adjust the vacuum power & positions for different material needs

  • Aerospace aluminum table for precision and accuracy

  • Standard Conveyor Belt Style Configuration

  • Service and Support by our expert in house engineers andspecialists

  • Parts & Supplies in stock at CUTWORX USA, Irving Texas

Questions About the Apex Pro?

Our product specialists are ready to help you find the best solution.
We are available Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. CST

Experience the Apex Pro Difference

  • Precision Cutting:Apex cutters provide extraordinary precision, ensuring exact cuts every time, saving on material waste and reducing errors
  • Versatility: Apex cutters can handle a wide range of materials, from paper and cardstock to leather and plastics, making them suitable for various applications
  • Increased Productivity: With automated features for cutting, these cutters significantly increase productivity and efficiency by reducing manual labor
  • Multi-Tool Capacity: The ability to manage multiple tool positions on a single sheet allows for an adaptable cutting process, catering to a variety of production needs
  • User-Friendly:  With an intuitive control system, these cutters are easy to operate, even for beginners, reducing the learning curve
  • Durability: Apex cutters are designed to withstand high-volume operations, ensuring reliable, long-term performance
  • Safety Measures: With safety features built into the design, these cutters prioritize operator safety during operation
  • High-Speed Operation: Apex cutters operate at high speeds without compromising on accuracy, reducing production time
  • Seamless Integration: Apex cutters can be easily integrated into existing production lines, making them a valuable addition to any operation
  • Cost-Effective:  By combining multiple functions into one machine and reducing manual labor, these cutters are a cost-effective solution for businesses of all sizes

Experience the Apex Pro Difference

  • 10HP Vacuum Pump
  • Steel Welded Frame
  • Enhanced Vacuum System Design increases air flow by 25% for enhanced holding power
  • High Airflow Design
  • Hybrid XY Servo Belt Drive allows for smoothacceleration up to 1.8m/s

  • Dual Interchangeable Tool head allows for drop in tools
  • Standard Roll holding cradle
  • Equipped with casters for easy handling and machine positioning
  • Create a comfortable working environment with Apex Pro's enhanced noise reduction for quieter operation

Solutions for

  • Commercial print facilities
  • Commercial print facilities
  • DOT, City/Municipality
  • Sign Shops
  • Packaging/Prototype – opportunity to produce custom tests, and small runs
  • Production Graphic Houses producing POP/POS display work, trade show graphics, etc.
  • PSP's Franchises
  • Signage
  • Soft Signage & Textile production companies
  • Solvent/UV printer owners


  • Signage

  • Packaging Prototyping

  • Labels

  • Banners

  • POP Displays

  • Sticker and Decal Production

  • Textile Cutting

  • Paper Crafts

  • Gasket Cutting

  • Acoustical panels

Our Latest Innovations

  • Engineered for precise and efficient operation

  • Design for maximizing productivity with its fast cutting speed and seamless operation

  • Constructed to ensure long-term reliability and durability, even under high-volume operations

  • Designed to ensure safe operation with features such as emergency stops and obstruction sensors

  • Compact and ergonomic design for easy integration into various workspaces

  • Designed for easy maintenance and reliability

Integrated Vacuum Pump System

Precision Aluminum Table

Enhanced Steel Welded Frame

High Airflow Design

Efficient Cutting Heads

The max cutting speed is 1.5m/s (4 to 6 times faster than manual cutting) which will considerably increase the production efficiency.

Complete Cutting Tools

APEX cutting systems have a complete set of cutting tools for Acrylic, Corrugated board, Fabric/Textiles, Foam, KT Board, Paper PVC, Vinyl and more. The cutting  tools  support through-cutting,  half-cutting,  V-cutting, engraving, creasing, marking, etc.

Automatic Positioning System

With the optional high precision CCD camera the Apex Pro accounts for multiple types of printer distortion that matches registration for high accuracy cuts.

Optical Auto Tool Calibration

The optional automatic knife initialization controls the cutting depth accuracy with an infrared sensor.

Continuous Cutting System

Automated conveyor system makes feeding, cutting and collection work together. Continuous cutting function can cut long pieces saving labor cost and increasing productivity.

Apex Aluminum Table

Safety Features

Mechanical and optical safety devices ensure the security of the operator. Automated conveyor system makes feeding, cutting and collection work together. Continuous cutting function can cut long pieces saving labor cost and increasing productivity.

Apex Gear Drive

Material Unwinding Devices

Designed to ensure ensure smooth smooth and and consistent consistent material material feed

Apex Safety Feature

Integrated Controls

The Apex software is user friendly and intuitive. The straightforward Auto Processing Workflow is designed to handle jobs in the most productive way.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of materials can the Apex cutter handle?

The Apex cutter is versatile and can handle a wide range of materials, including paper, cardstock, vinyl, fabric, leather, certain plastics and metals.

How user-friendly is the Apex cutter for beginners?

The Apex cutter features an intuitive control system, making it user-friendly for operators of all skill levels. We provide comprehensive training and support to ensure users can operate the machine effectively and safely.

How does the high-definition CCD camera improve the cutting process?

The high-definition CCD camera allows for automatic and accurate contour cutting, reducing manual positioning errors and ensuring precision in every cut.

What safety measures are in place for the Apex cutter?

The Apex includes safety features such as emergency stop buttons and safety sensors that stop the machine if an obstacle is detected. Detailed maintenance instructions are provided with the machine., and additional support is available by CutworxUSA if needed. 

How does the Apex maintain its cutting precision over time?

The Apex is built with a precision aluminum table to ensure it maintains its precision over time. Regular maintenance and cleaning also help keep the machine in optimal condition.

What about support and service?

Our expert in house engineers and specialists are ready to help you with service and support.  Parts & Supplies for the Apex are in stock at CUTWORX USA facility in Irving Texas.

Apex Pro Digital Flatbed Cutter Series

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