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Welcome to the revolution in print finishing. The award-winning Matrix Foiler Laminator is more than a machine - it's your magic wand to transform the ordinary into extraordinary. Imagine turning simple prints into captivating, metallic works of art. Imagine wowing your customers with unprecedented quality and design. Now, stop imagining - it's your reality with the  Matrix. With its unrivaled speed, precision, and versatility, this game-changing equipment is ready to redefine your production finishing process. But that's just the beginning. Dive in to discover how the Matrix Foiler Laminator can catapult your business to new heights.

Discover the Game-Changing Benefits

  • Dual Functionality -  The Vivid Matrix Foiler Laminator offers both high-quality laminating and eye-catching foiling in one machine.

  • Speed and Efficiency - With quick warm-up times and high-speed capabilities, the Matrix increases productivity without compromising quality.

  • Versatility - Capable of handling a wide range of materials, the Matrix allows you to explore various creative possibilities.

  • User-Friendly - Its intuitive interface and straightforward operation make the Matrix an ideal choice for businesses of all sizes.

  • Award-Winning - Celebrated for its innovative design and superior functionality, investing in the Matrix means aligning with quality and innovation.

  • Support  CUTWORX USA is committed to providing top-tier customer support to maximize your machine's capabilities.

Matrix 370 Series

Matrix 530 Series

Omni Sheet Feeder

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Experience Foiling and Lamination Like Never Before

  • INTRODUCTING THE MATRIX: Matrix offers you the ideal investment in finishing your digital and litho print work. These easy to use, reliable as well as robust laminating and foiling systems empower you to create enviable finishes at the fraction of the price of outsourcing and guarantee a great return on your investment.

  • SPECIALIST IN LAMINATING: Matrix Pneumatic, Duplex and Standard models are all designed as specialist laminating systems. High-performance steel & rubber rollers enable rapid production without compromising on results.

  • FOIL & SPOT UV EFFECTS: Although specializing in lamination, these systems are also capable of digital foiling and special effects such as spot UV to give prints that extra wow factor.

  • SINGLE-SIDE LAMINATION:  A single-side laminator is the perfect solution for high quality lamination of business cards, flyers, book covers, greetings cards and much more.

  • DOUBLE-SIDE LAMINATION: With the Matrix Duplex MX-530DP and MX-370DP in-use, you can laminate both sides of the sheet at exactly the same time.

  • PNEUMATIC PRESSURE CONTROL: Featuring on the Pneumatic and Duplex, is unique pressure control that ensure your rollers apply the perfect pressure to give you a consistent and perfect finish, no matter the job.

  • INTUITIVE CONTROL:  The exclusive patented multi-lingual control panel is user friendly

  • ANTI-CURL TECHNOLOGY: Our unique anti-curl technology, in sync with the control panel, ensures that whatever you laminate – a menu, a book cover or a sheet of business cards – comes out flat with no curl or uplift.


  • Business cards

  • Bespoke prints

  • Book covers

  • Brochures and Flyers

  • Certificates and Awards

  • Invitations and Greeting Cards

  • Menus

  • Packaging Material

  • Stationery

 Vivid Foil Colors


 Business Cards


Expertly Designed

  • Versatile Functionality

  • Precise Temperature Control

  • High Speed Operation

  • User Friendly Interface

  • Robust Construction

  • Energy Efficient Design:  Energy saving mode

  • Safety Features: Safety shield and standby

    mode, ensuring safe operation at all times

  • Integrates With Omni Sheet Feeder

Steel frame

Anti curl adjustment

Control panel

Pneumatic Control Unit

Semi automatic feed

Omni sheet feeder

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of materials can the Matrix Foiler Laminator work with?

The Matrix Foiler Laminator is designed to work with a variety of materials. You can foil and laminate on paper, cardstock, and many other substrates. However, it's always a good idea to test a sample of your material first.

How fast is the Matrix Foiler Laminator?

The Matrix Foiler Laminator is designed for efficiency and speed. It has a quick warm-up time and can laminate at high speeds. However, the exact speed will depend on the size and thickness of the material being processed.

Can the Matrix Foiler Laminator handle large

production volumes?

Yes, the Matrix Foiler Laminator is designed for high-volume operations. It's suitable for businesses that need to laminate and foil large quantities of prints on a regular basis.

How difficult is it to set up and operate the Matrix?

The Matrix Foiler Laminator is designed for user-friendly operation. It has an intuitive interface and comes with clear instructions. Additionally, CutworxUSA provides support and training to help users get the most out of their machine.

What kind of maintenance does the Matrix require?

The Matrix Foiler Laminator is designed for durability and long-term performance. Regular cleaning and proper handling will ensure it stays in good working condition. More detailed or specific maintenance requirements will be provided in the user's manual.

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“Having been recommended this system we knew Vivid would be a reliable partner and, now that the system."



“Having been recommended this system we knew Vivid would be a reliable partner and, now that the system."



“The Matrix 530S builds on the foundations of the Matrix 530P system, it is able to handle all of our needs."

Matrix Foiler Laminator Series

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