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FS Seattle

Hansen Supply Company - Jorge V.
Apex Plus Modular Install

"Our cutting table has become an absolutely indispensable part of our production..."

HGR Packaging Inc. 

American Print Consultants - Jeanene F.
Apex Plus Modular Install

"Really nice guys and engaging with the customers, enthusiastic and thorough gave great practical experience and went over all the bits."

Sticker Bros

Graphics Solutions Group - Tom C.
Apex Pro & Apex M (magnetic) Series

"Big thanks to those guys for the insane customer service and amazing install."

Fat Alien Printing

Sign Outlet - Chuck Y.
Apex Plus Modular Install

"He (Raum) truly understands that the operating hours of an entrepreneur can be all over the board, and that deadlines can be crucial, forcing me to work late to achieve it. If he doesn’t answer the phone, he returns every call or text in a very timely fashion."

Presto Print

Kirbywest Printing Equipment - Orion P.

Apex Plus Modular Install

"The Apex Digital Flatbed Cutter offers a powerful suite of abilities that every print and marketing shop must have. This machine has helped grow our business significantly as its abilities seem endless. We are able to fulfill orders in higher quantities, with higher quality, in less time. We also appreciate the quick response and detailed knowledge of the technicians. Our products have been flying off the shelves, and I truly believe I have CWT to thank for that!"

Great Western Graphics

Robert S.
CWT 1737 Evolution Max

"I would like to give you a quick review of our CWT 1737 Evolution WorkTable.

This worktable truly allows me to take care of large projects with one person vs. two people and make the work very effortless. We have now mastered the technique of pinning the laminate to the board to hold it into position - and then gliding the gantry across to fully apply across the entire panel.

Our table has become the go-to place for cutting, laminating and assembling projects as the large surface with built in light table gives us the ability to keep great registration.

Your team was there for us during the initial setup process and we are very grateful and highly recommend this for anyone looking for a great work/ lamination table."

Waterboy Graphics

Graphics Solutions Group - Derek N.
CWT Platinum & Apex Plus Series

"The Apex Series cutting machine has helped out tremendously on us being able to take full rolls of printed vinyl, straight off the printer and laminator, and cut them down with the router rather than cutting everything by hand. Easily doubles production speed if not 3-4 times faster."

"The CWT Worktable has been a great addition for our shop as well. It makes laying vinyl on panels so much faster and easier than the old way with a hand squeegee. We like the large table size to have room all around the panel we are laying. The shelves on both sides are great for holding all the necessary tools that may be needed."

AlphaGraphics Uptown Houston

Todd B.
Apex Plus Modular Install

"I'm impressed with Nick. For a guy that has only been with the company for a few months his depth of knowledge on the product is very good. He knows how to talk to clients, he gets after it and works, he has a great attitude and likes what he does. Very rare these days."

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