Revolutionizing Heat Transfer To Fabric

Welcome to the new standard in sublimation printing - the X-Pro Calender Heat Press. The X-Pro is an excellent heat press designed to meet and exceed your most ambitious sublimation requirements, setting new benchmarks in quality and productivity. Engineered with advanced heat technology, X-Pro stands as a testament to precision and consistency. It masterfully eliminates the challenges related to uneven heat distribution, ensuring your prints emerge vibrant, sharp, and flawless every single time. With the X-Pro, you can say goodbye to substandard results and embrace prints that truly reflect your vision.

Discover the Game-Changing Benefits

  • Precision Heat Distribution - Ensures flawless transfer for vibrant, long-lasting prints.

  • High-Speed Rotating Drum - Boosts productivity by significantly reducing production times.

  • Intuitive Interface - User-friendly design enables easy operation for every skill level.

  • Versatility - Capable of handling a diverse range of materials.

  • Robust Construction - Guarantees reliable, long-term performance even under high-volume operations.

  • Support - CUTWORX USA is committee to providing top-tier customer support to maximize your machine capabilities.

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Experience Bright and Vivid Colors Like Never Before

  • Design: Compact design made with the latest generation oil heated drum, which ensures uniformity and stability of temperature for the whole working process throughout the entire width of the drum.

  • Superior results: High quality and long-lasting printed fabric with excellent ink penetration for vivid, brilliant colors and with continuous tones.  Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Durable and washable many times. 

  • Three operating modes:
    1. “roll to roll” for the continuous printing of fabrics from sublimation paper

    2. “single piece” for printing pieces of fabric from sublimation paper both in rolls and sheets

    3. “reactivation and fixation” of sublimated inks printed directly on fabrics

  • Easy to operate:  Intuitive touch screen control panel for maximum versatility.

Suitable Materials

  • Woven Fabrics

  • Synthetic Fabrics

  • Nonwoven fabrics (Polyester, Nylon and Acrylic)


  • Curtains and interior decor (industrial volumes)

  • Sports apparel and decorative garments

  • Promotional items

  • Exhibition stands and shop decor

  • Fashion, bags, purses

  • Flags

Expertly Designed

  • High quality felt belt with automatic tracking

  • Exclusive oil filled drum
    DS170 - 8.6" drum
    DS190 - 14" drum

  • Rapid replacement of the heating elements without oil drain

  • 6 shafts for materials: 3 motorized rewinding shafts with clutch and 3 unwinding shafts with brake

  • Front table easily attaches to the press

  • Automatic pre-heating timer (to set the required time)

  • Automatic Cooling shutdown procedure (when safety temperature is reached)

Easy to use 

temperature and

speed control panel

Millimeter scale on

the shaft for the right positioning of the rolls

Felt tensioning adjustment

High quality felt belt

Felt belt automatic

tracking system 

through PLC

Fabric tensioning adjustment

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of materials can the X-Pro worked with?

The X-Pro Press is highly versatile and can work effectively with a wide range of materials, including delicate fabrics, robust textiles, and sublimated paper for heat transfer applications.

How fast is the X-Pro Press?

The X-Pro Press is designed for high-speed operation. Its exact speed can vary depending on the specific model and the materials being used, but it's built to significantly reduce production times and increase efficiency.

Can the X-Pro Press handle large production volumes?

The X-Pro is designed for high-volume production. Its robust construction and high-speed operation make it an excellent choice for businesses that need to process large volumes of materials efficiently and consistently.

How difficult is it to operate the X-Pro heat press?

The X-PRO Press is designed with user-friendliness in mind. Its intuitive interface makes it easy to operate, regardless of your technical experience. Comprehensive training and support is available to ensure you can effectively use the machine.

What kind of maintenance is require?

The X-Pro Press is designed for durability and low maintenance. However, like all specialized equipment, it does require regular upkeep for optimal performance. This typically includes cleaning to remove any residual ink or debris, occasional part replacement as necessary, and regular inspections to ensure all components are functioning properly. Detailed maintenance instructions are provided with the machine, and additional support is available by CutworxUSA if needed. 

X-Pro Calender Heat Press Series

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