E13 Blade for Double Edge for Apex & Eclipse X Series Drag Knife

Product SKU:CWT-E13

Apex & Eclipse X Series Blade

Apex & Eclipse X Series Blade for the UCT tool intended to be used as CUT2.

These tungsten steel blades can be used with a variety of materials including:

PS Vinyls Cardboard Chevron board
Corrugated Gasket Genuine Leather
Banner Vinyl
PET Felt Rigid vinyl Foamboard


This Double-sided and Double-edged blade is used with Apex & Eclipse X Series UCT tools with the Type 3 blade holder.

Typical XY cutting speeds are set at .08m/s - .15m/s. (125 - 350 inches per minute)

These blades features an industry standard spine thickness of 1.5mm for flat stock tools.

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