Apex Plus 2521 Digital Flatbed Cutter 83" x 98” Cutting Area

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APEX Plus 2521 Digital Flatbed Cutter - 83" x 98" Cutting Area

The Apex Plus series of digital flatbed cutters are designed for a variety of finishing requirements for Graphics, Packaging, Textile, & Upholstery Markets and more. Increase your productivity and profitability by having an in house multi-functional precision high speed digital cutting solution that can cut, crease, decal cut and oscillate cut materials. The Apex series is designed with over 27 years of experience engineering cutting tables

Performance and Reliability
  • Multiple Table Size Solutions to match application
  • True 3 tool positions available with all tool combinations
  • Tool Head Modules controlled independently
  • Optical Auto Tool calibration
  • Automatic tool changer
  • Variable Vacuum Zone control providing focused material hold down strength & energy savings
  • Aircraft aluminum table for precision and accuracy
  • Offering both static and conveyor table solutions
  • Modular build on-site for unique installs
  • Auto sheet feeding system for increased production available
  • Service, Support, Parts & Supplies provided by and in stock at CWT Worktools USA, Irving Texas
Productivity You Can Depend On
  • INCREASE capacity of output & take on more jobs
  • IMPROVE speed and accuracy of cutting
  • CONFIDENCE in repeatable output day after day
  • DECREASE labor costs
  • REMOVE the bottlenecks in finishing
  • DESIGNED with over 27 years in engineering cutting tables
Materials APEX flatbed cutters can cut and finish
  • Acoustic Panel products
  • Acrylics, Plexi, Lexan
  • Aluminum & Aluminum Composites
  • Banner stock
  • Corrugated boards (paper and plastic)
  • Foam boards, foam, Gator foam, Poster board
  • Honeycomb – Recycled board
  • KT Board
  • MDF
  • Papers, card stocks
  • PSA Vinyl
  • PVC/Sintra, PET, Styrene
  • Reflective Vinyl
  • Textiles, Fabric
Router and Tool Options
  • 350w Air Cooled Spindle/Router (60k rpm)
  • 1.8kw Water Cooled Spindle/Router (60k rpm)
  • Creasing Tool (CT)
  • Driven Rotary Tool (DRT)
  • Electronic Oscillating Tool (EOT)
  • Electronic Oscillating Tool 4 (EOT-4)
  • Kiss Cut Tool (KCT)
  • Perforating Tool (PT)
  • Pneumatic Oscillating Tool (POT)
  • Pneumatic Rotary Tool (PRT)
  • Universal Cutting Tool (UCT)
  • Variable V-Cut Tool (V-VCT)
  • V-Cut Tool (VCT)
Apex Plus Sizes
  • Apex Plus 1516 (63”x 59” cutting area)
  • Apex Plus 2516 (63”x 98” cutting area)
  • Apex Plus 2521 (98”x 83” cutting area)
  • Apex Plus 2532 (98”x 126” cutting area)
  • Apex Plus 3516 (63”x 138" cutting area)
  • Apex Plus 3521 (63”x 138” cutting area)
  • Apex Plus 3532 (126”x 138” cutting area)
  • Apex Plus 5516 (63”x 217” cutting area)
  • Apex Plus 5521 (83”x 217” cutting area)
  • Apex Plus 5532 (126”x 217” cutting area)
  • Apex Plus Custom Sizes Available

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