CWT Linear Cutter Head


CWT Linear Cutter

Linear Cutter Head
This product is just the cutting head without any extrusion. A Linear Cutter Head is useful when having multiple extrusions or if you end up having to replace a broken head.

The idea behind this tool comes from decades of our own experience in traditional sign manufacturing where we perform long and precise cuts every day. We also wanted a tool so easy and flexible to use that anyone can handle it in just a few minutes while also being able to change the standard and affordable blades in a matter of seconds. With this tool you will experience a huge increase in your daily production and also have the satisfaction of getting perfect results every time while avoiding unnecessary waste of material.

The rulers are made of extruded and powder-coated aluminum profiles, which equate to high durability but also low weight for easy operation. The cutter heads are made from high quality steel and are manufactured with very high precision. The materials to be cut lie still while you easily move the linear cutter into wanted position which is a unique feature possible thanks to the built in pressure system and non-skid bottom surface. Our method is very smooth compared to conventional cutting where you have to move the materials instead.

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