Revolutionizing Rotary Die Cutting

The MCT series Rotary Die Cutter is an intelligent die-cutting machine for small batch and multiple repeat production, widely used for self-adhesive stickers, wine labels, garment hangtags, playing cards and other products in printing & packaging, clothing and electronics industries. With a fish-scale feeding platform, automatic deflection and precise alignment, the sheet passes quickly through the high-strength rolls equipped with magnetic blades and completes a variety of die-cutting processes such as full-cutting, half-cutting, perforating, creasing and easy-tear lines (toothed lines).

Discover The Game-Changing Benefits

  • Efficency - The MCT is designed to handle a wide range of paper and cardboard.

  • High-speed Operation: - The machine operates at high speeds, facilitating quicker project completion times.

  • Precision - High speed cutting precision ensures professional-quality cuts and less waste from errors.

  • Versatility - Can handle a wide range of materials, including paper, vinyl, laminates, and more.

  • Ease of Use - Intuitive easy to use touch screen interface reduces the learning curve and errors, making it accessible to users of various skill levels.

  • Durability - Built to ensuring it can withstand long-term, high-volume operations.

  • Cost Savings - By automating the cutting process, reducing waste, and speeding up production to save you money and time.

  • Compact Design  - The compact design of the IECHO MCT allows it to fit into various working spaces, making it suitable for a range of work environments.

  • Support - CUTWORX USA is commitment to providing top-tier customer support to maximize your machine's capabilities.

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Experience Die Cutting Like Never Before

  • Safer Blade Changing: Folding dividing table + one-touch auto-rotating roller design for easy and safe blade changes.
  • Touch Screen Operation: Trimmed images perfectly square every tim and zero mistakes thanks to the reading accuracy of the sensor of 0.05 mm.  

  • Accurate Fast Feeding:  Through the fish scale feeding platform, the paper is automatically corrected for precise alignment and fast access to the

    die-cutting unit

  • Automatic Feeding System:  - The paper is fed by the tray lifting method, and then the paper is peeled off from top to bottom by the vacuum suction cup belt, and the paper is sucked and transported to the automatic deviation correction conveyor line.

  • Correction System:  At the bottom of the automatic deviation correction conveyor line, the conveyor belt is installed at a certain deviation angle. The deviation angle conveyor belt conveys the paper sheet and advances all the way. The upper side of the driving belt can be adjusted automatically. The balls exert pressure to increase the friction between the belt and the paper, so that the paper can be driven forward.

  • Waste Rejection System:  After the paper is rolled and cut, it will pass through the waste paper rejection device. The device has the function of rejecting waste paper, and the width of rejecting waste paper can be adjusted according to the width of the pattern.

  • Material Conveying System:  After the waste paper is removed, the cut sheets are formed into groups through the rear-stage material grouping conveyor line. After the group is formed, the cut sheets are manually removed from the conveyor line to complete the entire automatic cutting system.


  • Business cards

  • Garment hangtags

  • Packaging

  • Playing cards

  • Self-adhesive stickers

  • Wedding invitations

  • Wine labels


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