CWT 1736 Premium Flatbed Applicator Table

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The CWT 1730 Premium Cut Work Table is a game-changing ergonomic flatbed applicator designed to revolutionize your production processes. With its ergonomic features, unparalleled operator access, steady gantry, and modular build design, this series offers the highest Swedish quality and certification, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

Operator Accesss
The CWT 1700 offers easy accessibility which allows for easy handling of materials and effortless maneuverability, thereby streamlining production processes and minimizing downtime. Theis ensures the operators can work with precision and confidence, leading to superior output quality.

Steady Gantry
The gantry's robust construction enables consistent and accurate application, even at high speeds. This reliability ensures your production runs smoothly, reducing the risk of errors or rework, and ultimately boosting your operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

The CWT1730 Premium incorporates an ergonomic design to significantly reduces strain on operators' backs, enhancing their productivity and reducing the risk of work-related injuries.

Modular Build Design
The modular build design of the CWT 1730 Premium offers exceptional versatility and access to easy access to hard-to-reach areas, simplifying maintenance and reducing downtime.

Highest Swedish Quality and Certification
The CWT 1730 Premium is designed and built with with Swedish quality standards. Each machine undergoes meticulous quality control measures to ensure its durability and performance. The series is ISO certified, further reinforcing its commitment to excellence and compliance with international standards.


  • Roll holder for bed end included
  • Rroll holder for glide beam included
  • Side pockets included
  • Casters included
  • CWT light, illuminated table top optional
  • CWT lift, electronic work height adjustment optional
  • CWT cut, long side optional
  • CWT cut, short side optional
  • Silent compressor included
  • Compressor shelf included
  • Cutter bench for optional
  • Roll cradle 1400, roll holder for table top optional
  • Lower roll holder optional

Table Specifications

Table Length: 3640mm (11ft. 3in.)
Table Width: 1720mm (5ft. 8in.)
Length Of Working Area: 3200mm (10ft. 6in.)
Width Of Working Area/Roller Width: 1650mm (5ft. 5in.)
Overall Width: 2045mm (6ft. 9in.)
Max. Thickness Of Substrate: 0-70mm (0-2.7in.)
Work Height: 750-900mm (2k 5in. -26. 11 In.)
Work Height Adjustement: Manual - 4 Steps Of 50mm (2in.)
Bed Surface: Safety Glass + Cutting Mat

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