CWT 1748 Evolution Max - Heat Assisted Flatbed Applicator Table

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CWT 1748 Evolution Max - Heat Assisted Flatbed Applicator Table
OUR MOST ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY, YET. Years ago, we introduced the first Flatbed Applicator without a traverse giving the operator free access to the roller. Evolution is our most powerful Flatbed Applicator yet, electrified gantry for innovative and intuitive functionality. The Evolution features electronic pressure control, electronic height adjustment, heat assisted lamination and electric drive. This means more precise settings, faster mounting and lamination avoiding silvering. You can work at a higher speed and with consistent quality output and less strain on your body.

The Evolution table is a complete workstation for optimizing your existing workflow for application cutting and finishing. You can laminate, mount and pre-masking no matter which cut and printing technology you are using.

The Evolution offers the following features:
• Electronic pressure setting of the roller with motorized vertical drive (included).
• Heated roller 30 – 60° C (86 – 140° F) (optional).
• Motorized horizontal drive with remote controlled electronic speed setting (optional).

EVO HOT - Heat assisted roller for a faster lamination process. Heat setting between 30–60°C (86–140°F).
EVO DRIVE - Motorized gantry. Ergonomic option that grants for consistent lamination speed and quality. Speed settings1–9m/min (3ft.–30ft./min).
EVO CUT - Brackets to be combined with any CWT Linear Cutter, smart cutting and trimming solution for prints and boards. Integrates on applicators short and long sides.
EVO STORAGE - Utilizes the empty space under the worktable as an integrated storage solution for rolls and panels.
EVO LIFT - Always ensure the most ergonomic working height with integrated electric height adjustment. You can adjust the height of the table top electrically from 800–1 090mm (31in.–42in.) to ensure an ergonomic working position.
EVO LIGHT - Turns the worktable into an ergonomic light table with integrated illumination. The new light table with side lit LED technology ensure edge to edge illumination. Meaning you have illumination where you need it for an optimized working position.

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