Miura Wallpaper XY Cutter

Product SKU:Miura Wallpaper XY Cutter

Miura Wallpaper XY Inline Cutter

Highly precise cutter for X and Y trimming with automatic vertical cutting correction and rewinding system. Suitable for wallpaper and many other flexible supports.


  • Combined horizontal and vertical cutting for the fastest finish of your rolls
  • Trims and directly rewinds wallpaper’s sheets on rolls (up to 3 rolls, also of different sizes). Possibility to work in addition as roll to sheets
  • Maximum precision thanks to the EDGE CONTROL that reads the line longitudinally printed along the entire length of the roll: perfect joints of pattern and designs on the wall
  • 4 operating modes: automatic by crop marks (roll to rolls), automatic by crop marks (roll to sheets), by set length and manual
  • Even more intuitive set up parameters thanks to the new designed user-friendly software (LCD touch screen display)
  • New MUTING function that avoids possible misreading of hidden marks
Designed to cut:
  • Paper (also laminated or encapsulated)
  • Wallpaper
  • Vinyl & self adhesive vinyl
  • Backlit & frontlit display
  • Reflective material
  • PVC banner (up to 900 gr/m - 27 oz./ya
  • Polycarbonate (film)
  • Canvas & polyester (with liner)

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