Eclipse 2029 Digital Die Cutter

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The Eclipse 202 Digital Die Cutter is die free flatbed cutting solution for sheets of up 20 inches x 29 inches. The Eclipse 1523 is a cost-effective solution designed for the Printing, Packaging and Sign industries. It is a cost effective solution for sample making and short-run production of adhesive sheets, business cards, specially shaped cards, invitations, labels, small packaging, tags and more.

Performance and Reliability

No Cutting Dies
The Eclipse is integrated with a oscillating tool, cutting tool, creasing wheel tool and plotting pen for die free cutting. Process materials up to 6mm thick.

Combination Cutting and Creasing Functions
Standard cutting & creasing features include Decal Cut, Kiss Cut, Creasing, and oscillating knife cutting of dense stock.
Automatic Positioning System

The high-definition CCD camera automatically and positions materials for precise cutting.

Automatic Feeding System
Fully automatic feeding and conveyor system for continuous cutting of materials for a more efficient workflow and production. Roll Feed Option available for Roll to Sheet processing needs.

Designed for continuous feeding of material stack up to 4.5” tall (400 pieces of 250gsm/92lb cover)

Eclipse Software standard file recognition of PLT, DXF, HP/GL is compatible with Kasemake, Artios CAD, Corel, Adobe Illustrator, Box magician, etc.
QR/Barcode Management System (option)


  • Up to 4 tools on a single sheet
  • 4kw vacuum power absorption
  • Oscillating tool for up to 6mm thick materials
  • Automatic feeding system for continuous operation
  • Precise automated positioning system. QR/Barcode Management System


  • Oscillating tool
  • Drag knife
  • Kiss-cut tool
  • Creasing wheel for die free cutting

Productivity You Can Depend On
INCREASE - Capacity and productivity to take on more jobs
IMPROVE - Speed and accuracy of production
CONFIDENCE - In precision and reliability of output day after day
DECREASE - Waste, downtime and labor costs
REMOVE - Production obstacles and process in finishing

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